Squander Pilots

I joined a band in 1996, and it turned into Squander Pilots over the following couple of years. We had a lot of fun and some exasperating non-fun and played gigs and got interviewed and got some really very nice reviews and a handful of merciless slaggings and released a single and recorded an album and made lots of friends and a few enemies and produced, I think, some pretty damn good music. Well, obviously we liked it, or we wouldn't have made it. To be fair, we made some utterly dreadful music when we were starting out, but, hey, we were just warming up.

It's been a while — the last time we gigged was our tour of Scotland, back in the Autumn of '05 — but new stuff is now very much on the way. We have just remixed Lamb's Butterfly Effect:

There's lovely.

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